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What is Copyleaks - Plagiarism detector?

Looking for a powerful plagiarism detection tool that can catch even the trickiest attempts at copying content? Look no further than Copyleaks! This cutting-edge AI technology uses advanced algorithms to detect even the slightest variations in text, including sneaky paraphrasing and AI-generated content. And with a seamless API integration, a handy Chrome extension, and top-notch security features, Copyleak is the perfect solution for individuals, educators, businesses, and publishers alike. So why settle for less when you can have the best? Try Copyleaks today!

Are you tired of outdated plagiarism detection tools?

Are you tired of outdated plagiarism detection tools that can't keep up with the latest sneaky techniques used by copycats? It's time to upgrade to Copyleaks! Our advanced AI technology can detect even the subtlest variations within text, from hidden characters to AI-generated content. But we don't stop there - we go beyond word-for-word detection to catch multiple forms of paraphrasing, image-based text plagiarism, and even attempts to deceive detection software. Plus, our platform can even detect plagiarism in source code. And if that's not impressive enough, Copyleaks can even spot AI-generated content like ChatGPT4. Don't settle for less when it comes to protecting your original work.

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