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Convert your text case easily with our free best text case converter. You just need to paste your text and our tool will automatically change case as per your selected option.

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How to Use the Case Converter?

Have you ever accidentally used ALL UPPERCASE or all lowercase text in your document without realizing it? Don't worry! You can use our case converter tool to quickly fix such mistakes! Here's a quick 3-step guide to using the converter:

How to Use the Case Converter?

Step 1

Type or paste your text into the text box to the left in the case converter screen.

Step 2

Click on one of the four types of conversion and then click on "Convert" .

Step 3

Your converted text will appear in the right box. Now you can select and copy it or just press "Copy Text" to save it to your clipboard.

Why you should use the case converter?

There are many situations, like when you're writing a list with hundreds of names, where you'll want to capitalize only the first letter. Our tool can help take care of this problem quickly.

Using our Case Converter is easy and time-saving. You can use it in just a few easy steps.

When optimizing your content for search engines, capitalizing each word in the title can give you a higher click-through-rate (CTR). With our advanced converter, you can use it to capitalize every word automatically.

    Why you should use the case converter?

    Why we created this tool?

    When it comes to finding and fixing text case errors, you can save precious time by using the text converter tool we provide. All you have to do is copy and paste your paragraph into the box, then click convert. Simply bookmark the tool and when needed.

    Benefits of using our case converter

    Benefits of using our case converter

    Did you know that not all word editing software offer the case convert feature? The good news is that our free tool lets you solve possible capitalization errors. Still unsure whether you should use the text converter? Here are some benefits:

    • To capitalize text, make first letter of each word in capital letters with the "Sentence case" option.

    • With the “Sentence case” option, you can remove any wrong capitalizations.

    • The Caps Converter option in this instantly converts all letters to uppercase with " UPPER CASE " option.

    • You can convert your text to lowercase instantly with the "lower case" option.

    • Whole paragraphs of unwanted formatting can ruin the readability of your document.

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