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By typing into our Google SERP simulator, you can see details such as URLs, meta descriptions, and title tags as search results appear.

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Title - 0

Ideal 60 chars

Description - 0

Ideal 160 chars

Google SERP Snippet Preview


<meta name="title" content="">

<meta name="description" content="">

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags highlight the explicit details about the content as Title and description. These tags are the HTML elements.

They provide information about the content in a short description of the exclusive content.

We can write them in HTML code by using tags

  • < Title> for the Title and

  • <meta name = "description"> for a description of the content.

What are Meta Tags?

Google Serp Simulator Tool – Parts Of A Google Snippet:

We explain here the parts of the Google SERP snippets we can find in Google web search results.


In its search results, google can show more than 70 characters of the Title of a page. If the Title is more than 70 characters, google will show the Title as many characters as it can.

Meta Description (Snippet):

If a webpage's meta description tag is longer than 156 characters, Google will display as many complete words as possible and cut off the remaining text with an ellipsis (…). Google may show the published date if it is added.


If a website has a well-organized information structure, Google may display breadcrumb links in the search results. However, the current google snippet tool does not include any advanced URL features. These may be added in future updates.

Google Serp Simulator Tool – Parts Of A Google Snippet:
What Is An AI Content Detector?

Why is Importance of Title Tags for SEO?

Title tags, also known as meta title, is essential for SEO because it helps crawlers of Search Engine to understand what the webpage is saying. The title tag leaves an excellent first impression if it catches users' eye. It also helps to increase the number of clicks.

    Why Do Meta Description Matter?

    A meta description is like a brief advertisement for a webpage that tells users and search engines what the page is about. If the meta description is well-written and exciting, it can encourage users to click on the page.

    Google also highlights essential keywords to catch users' attention in the meta description. The meta description can also be seen on social media when the page is shared, so a good one can make people want to click on the link and read the content.

      Why Do Meta Description Matter?
      How To Write Better Meta Description

      How To Write Better Meta Description

      You can write a better Meta description by using our Google SERP simulator tool tips:

      • Use targeted and relevant keywords

      • The first 120 characters of the Meta description should leave a good impression on users.

      • You should write unique meta description for every single page.

      • Flexible with keywords.

      • Use CTA words like, Join Now, Sign Up Now.

      • Distinguish yourself from others.

      • The report should be according to your content.

      How to Use the SERP Preview Tool?

      To see how your webpage will appear in a Google search:

      • You can enter the title tag, meta description, and URL into a google search preview tool.

      • By using google snippet preview tool, you can also add target keywords to see how they will be showed. The tool lets you view your preview on different device screens.

      • The tool measures title tag length in pixels, not characters, to ensure more accurate results, just like search engines do.

      • For help with each field, click the question marks for more information.

      Why Do Meta Description Matter?
      Different Types of SERP Snippets:

      Different Types of SERP Snippets:

      Although SERP snippets in organic search results typically look as described above, there are instances where you may come across other types of snippets, such as:

      • Rich Google Snippets – For specific types of pages and data, google shows rich Snippets.

      • Featured Snippets – These are the pages' previews that Google considers the search query's most pertinent outcome.

      How To Optimize Your Title For SEO?

      • Steps:

      • Do not exceed 60 Characters.

      • Make Your Title Tags Unique.

      • Integrate Keywords in Your Title.

      • Call To Action In SERP.


      Our Free SERP Simulator Features

      Meta title, meta description, URL, and other elements can be adjusted to drive more traffic to your website and improve your click-through rate.

      Fetch and improve

      Using the fetch and improve feature of our SERP simulator, you can fetch a site's title and meta description at the click of a button. To fetch data, enter the URL and click "Fetch data".

      Title tag and meta description length checker

      Google displays title tags in total length in desktop results if they are between 65 and 70 characters long, translating to a width of about 580 to 600 pixels. It's important to keep in mind that there's no real limit to how many characters you can put in a title tag.

      This is due to Google's inability to shorten titles if the last word is particularly long. This makes everything readable and prevents words from being lost in the middle of sentences. This implies that lengthy phrases towards the end of the title will probably be completely eliminated, hence shortening the title as a whole.

      In reverse, the same holds true. Your title has a better chance of showing more characters if it has shorter words because it won't need to be split in half as often.

      This is also true for meta descriptions, which on a desktop display should be 960 pixels wide.

      Get an accurate preview of your SERP snippet

      Our SERP simulator uses the same algorithms as Google to give you an accurate preview of how your website will appear in search engine results pages.

      Optimize for maximum visibility

      With our simulator, you can easily tweak and adjust your title tag and meta description to ensure it stands out from the competition and drives more clicks.

      SERP Simulator

      What Is A SERP Snippet In SEO?

      SERP snippets are previews of search results in Google's search results. The snippet includes the URL, a brief text preview, and the website's title.

      What Is A SERP Snippet In SEO?
      What Length Should Your Title & Meta Description Be?

      How Long Should Your Meta Description Be?

      Meta descriptions can technically be any length, but Google often truncates them to 155 and 160 characters. To ensure that meta descriptions are appropriately descriptive, we recommend keeping them between 50 and 160 characters long.

      Important Pointers for Creating Killer Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

      • To make sure that your titles and descriptions are as successful as possible, incorporate the elements of UX, SEO, and marketing whenever possible.

      • To make sure the search engine understands the significance of the keyword, use it in both your title and meta description.

      • Your title tag should be no more than 62–64 characters long and no wider than 600 pixels.

      • Meta descriptions can be up to 158 characters long and are displayed by search engines like Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. To guarantee that it will remain visible even if the description is cut, start with the most crucial information.

      • Use our SERP simulator tool to ensure that the titles and descriptions you are producing are of high quality.

      Important Pointers for Creating Killer Title Tags and Meta Descriptions


      SERP features elements that show on the result page of Google. SERP features extend beyond the standard 10 links format. Examples include Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panels, video carousels, and image packs.

      To view SERP, you can use our GOOGLE SERP SIMULATOR TOOL. You can view the targeted keywords of your website daily using our tool.

      SEO is Search Engine Optimization, while SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. They are totally different from each other.

      Generally, the Google SERP contains up to ten links to different websites answering a user's Internet query. Moreover, these results provide the user with information such as images, FAQs, and much more. There are also ads at the top of the SERP that are relevant to the query searched.

      The number of organic search results we get on Google SERP for the first page is 10 without considering the ads that appear on Google SERP. Oftenly, these are between 10 and 12.

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      With its user-friendly interface and accurate results, our tool is the perfect option for the owners of website who want increase their rankings.

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