What is Illuminarty and its possible use cases?

What is Illuminarty and its possible use cases?

These days, with so many deepfakes and AI-created content, it's very hard to know what's real online.

AI is creating lots of fake images, videos, and texts online. This flood of AI content makes it hard to tell what's real and what's fake.

But one new tool aims to shed light on this AI-fueled misinformation. Introducing Illuminarty - the AI detective that sniffs out synthetic content.

This ingenious browser extension serves as your guard against deceptive AI creations.

Illuminarty uses advanced computer vision and natural language processing technology. This allows it to analyze images and texts to see if they were likely created by AI.

See an unbelievable image online? Run it through Illuminarty to uncover altered pixels and edited areas.

Illuminarty analyzes the image or text and gives it an AI authenticity score. This score shows you the likelihood that AI created the content. Having this score helps you make better choices about using or sharing the content.

Reading an article that seems eloquently worded? Illuminarty detects linguistic patterns indicative of AI-written text, highlighting generated passages. Now you can focus on credible information.

Beyond debunking fakes, Illuminarty has valuable applications across industries. Journalists can verify that sources are real people, not AI bots. Recruiters can ensure applicants don't AI-generate resumes. Social media platforms can flag AI content violating policies.

As AI creation technology advances, the threat of misuse grows. But tools like Illuminarty bring hope for restoring trust online. With AI watchdogs, we can navigate this new media landscape more confidently.

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