Change Passive Voice to Active Voice Using AI – Get Clarity
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Change Passive Voice to Active Voice Using AI – Get Clarity

May 18, 2023
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Passive voice content helps readers with a good sense of objectivity but leaves readers with many distances. there is a need to convert active tenses into passive ones to make a strong connection between the author and readers. Embracing AI-driven solutions for converting passive voice to active voice empowers writers to express their ideas concisely, confidently, and significantly more effective.

While reading passive voice tenses, the reader feels like the author’s message is farther away from them and creates a psychological space from the content. AI can change passive voice to Active voice using AI. As converting passive to active can only be accessible in a short text. 

If there is lengthy text and sentences to be converted needs a complete focus and time to correct them and, of course, without any grammatical and sentence structure errors. Here AI helps writers to get help from it. To change passive voice to Active voice using AI, you can save time and get help from AI to work for you with a grammar checker and other options as well. There are many tools available for converting passive to active sentences like Grammarly, Ginger and others.  

Today, we will discuss this topic in detail and guide you on how you can convert it using AI and which tools can help you.

What Is The Passive Voice To The Active Voice Converter?

An active-passive voice converter is an online tool that works by converting text that is unreadable to a typical audience into readable content. 

The passive-to-active voice converter helps to convert passive voice text into active voice. As passive voice tenses use the action and then the subject, it is hard to understand the sentence. 

Active voice tenses are easy to read even for the un-professional and common audiences to help them to create a soulful connection with the writer while reading the content. If you want to make your content readable and clear, you can change passive voice to active voice using AI.

How Do Active And Passive Voices Differentiate?

Active VoicePassive Voice
Structuresubject + verb + objectobject + verb + subject
Emphasisthe subjectthe object or the verb
Formalitycan be less formalgenerally more formal

Why Do We Use Passive Voice To Active Voice Converter?

Passive to active voice sentences affects the content strength and readability. If the sentence is in passive voice, it weakens the sentence structure and makes it difficult to understand. 

Here Active voice sentences help make the sentence more readable and structured. With the advancement in AI and digital content, changing passive voice to Active voice using AI tools are also available, helping everyone to save time by using the tool. 

The AI tools help the most when the word count is too large to handle by humans in less time; AI tools convert the passive voice whole lengthy and complex text into active voice in seconds.

How To Convert From Passive Voice To Active Voice Using AI?

To change passive voice to Active voice using AI, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Find a passive-to-active voice tool which suits best your requirements

Step 2:  After finding the tool accordingly, you need to put the sentences you want to convert. On the AI platform, you will see a box for pasting the text into the box.

Step 3: After pasting the sentences into the box, you can see a button saying Generate or convert after the text box. Click the button; it will start generating.

Step 4: The AI restructures the sentence by moving the object (receiver of the action) to the subject position. The AI replaces the passive verb form with an appropriate active verb form. The AI may adjust the tense and other verb modifications based on the context and desired meaning.

Step 5: Through its algorithms like NLP, it will start observing the text from the words to the sentence structure, then using algorithms, it converts the sentences accordingly.

Step 6: The converted text into active voice will be shown directly to you, and that’s it.

Step 7: Now you should read the sentences and view the structure of sentences, it is less likely to have errors and grammar mistakes generated by AI tools, but they can occur.

By following these steps, AI-powered tools can efficiently and accurately convert sentences from passive voice to active voice, saving time and improving the overall quality of the text.

Top 10 Ai Tools To Change Passive Voice to Active Voice Using AI

Here the tools are used to change passive voice to Active voice

GrammarlyPopular writing assistant.Passive voice conversion, grammar correction, punctuation checks.
GingerAdvanced writing software.Passive to active voice conversion, style enhancements, error detection.
Passive to Active Voice ConverterDedicated tool for passive voice conversion.Streamlined passive to active voice transformation.
QuillBotParaphrasing and writing tool.Instant rewrites, multiple paraphrasing modes.
ProWritingAidComprehensive writing analysis.Passive voice detection, grammar and style improvement.
WhiteSmokeWriting enhancement software.Passive voice conversion, grammar checking, style suggestions.
ReversoTranslation and writing aid.Passive to active voice conversion, language translation.
Hemingway EditorSimplified writing tool.Passive voice identification, readability analysis.
LinguixAI-powered writing assistant.Passive voice correction, grammar and style improvement.
After the DeadlineProofreading and grammar tool.Passive voice detection, grammar and spelling checks.

Note that the specific features of each tool may vary beyond their passive to active voice conversion capabilities.

Change Passive Voice to Active Voice Using AI: Top 3 AI Tools 

To change passive voice to Active voice using AI, you can utilize AI-powered writing tools for a quicker and stress-free process.



Grammarly, a widely used tool for converting passive to active voice, offers free and paid versions. Its user-friendly interface, characterized by a simple green design, ensures effortless navigation. 

In addition to serving as a passive voice editor, Grammarly assists in detecting and rectifying punctuation and grammar errors, refining writing and structural styles, and checking for plagiarism. Furthermore, Grammarly conveniently functions as a plugin for Chrome and Safari browsers.


  • It provides comprehensive proofreading capabilities.
  • Easy to navigate interface.
  • Works on multiple platforms.
  • Highly customizable features.


  • Costly for short-term users.



Ginger Software is ranked second on our list, a long-standing passive-to-active sentence converter software founded in 2007. It offers both free and premium versions. 

Ginger Software employs advanced NLPs to correct up to 95% of writing errors. This versatile software is compatible with various platforms, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer as plugins, and it also offers desktop and mobile apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.


  • Versatility.
  • Available as a free and paid option.


  • A plagiarism checker is not available.



QuillBot is a reliable choice for rewriting passive voice sentences. It offers a variety of paraphrasing modes that provide instant rewrites. Even on the free plan, users can access two paraphrasing methods, making it a valuable option.


  • Checks Grammar and plagiarism.
  • Available for Chrome and MS Word as extensions.


  • It can be costly.


Are there any applications that can transform passive voice into active voice?

Yes, there are many apps and online tools that allow us to convert passive voice to active voice.

Can we change passive voice to active voice?

Yes, by reorganizing the sentence to attribute the action to the subject, it is possible to convert passive voice into active voice.


In conclusion, leveraging AI technology to change passive voice to active voice using AI offers significant advantages in terms of enhancing language clarity and efficiency. Using AI-powered tools like Grammarly, Ginger, and other dedicated converters, transforming passive sentences becomes more accessible and streamlined.

 The AI algorithms analyze sentence structures, restructure them, and provide active verb forms, resulting in more transparent and direct communication. 

This approach improves readability, engages readers, and conveys information more effectively. Moreover, AI tools often offer additional features such as grammar and style correction, punctuation checks, and plagiarism detection, further enhancing the overall writing quality.

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